The Geyserland Classic Grind

Information for Riders

Finding your Way

If you have a GPS cycle computer, you'll probably want to download and install the relevant GPX files onto your device. You can download the GPX files for either the 2-day Classic Grind or 3-day Classic Grind.

Note that each set of GPX files contains both the long and short options for each day.

You can also download and print off the cue sheets, if you want to use these:

If the cue sheets aren't formatted the way you want, you can download the original spreadsheet used to generate the cue sheets and modify it to suit your needs.

Getting to the Start

The course starts outside the Rotorua Museum in the Government Gardens. Make sure you get there by 7:45 am for the pre-ride briefing.


If you're coming from out of town, we suggest you don't leave your car in the city. Instead, limited parking is available outside the police station on Pukuatua Street, just a few hundred metres from the start. Alternatively, contact us on the Facebook page and we may be able to arrange something.

Food and Water

On day 1, food is available at the small café at the Blue Lake, at Emery's Store 10 km past the end of the Western Okataina Walkway, and at Matata. There are lots of takeaway shops in Matata which stay open until at least 7:30 pm and are open early in the morning for you to buy breakfast.

On day 2, your main food and water source is Te Teko. After that, it's 60 km to the next water stop at Rerewhakaaitu School. If you're heading back to Rotorua, you can then get food at the café at Waimangu Valley Thermal Area, 3km up Okaro Road.

If you're doing the 3-day option, you'll miss Waimagu Valley, but can buy food at Benny Bee's takeaway and shop at Wai-o-Tapu, just past Rainbow Mountain, or at the tavern right next door. There's also a café at the Waikite Valley hot pools, though be aware that it can shut early and may have a limited range. Water is also available at the hot pools.

For the third day, there's no food or water available until you reach Tokoroa, 70 km away, so you'll want to buy breakfast at Benny Bees (or at the pub next door) on the second day.

From Tokoroa, it's another 37 km to Mamaku. You can get water at Mamaku School, just on your right when you reach Tarena Street. If you're hungry, there's also a store in Mamaku 300 metres off course. To get to it, continue straight along South Road when you get to the school, and take the second right turn into Mamaku Street. The dairy is about 100 metres down the road on your left.


You will need to bring your own camping gear as no cabins are available at the designated camping areas.

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