The Geyserland Classic Grind


  • Do the entire ride under your own steam. No catching a lift.
  • Follow 100% of the course. No shortcuts.
  • Carry all your own gear. You can't have someone tagging along in the car carrying your tent.
  • Everyone camps together at the designated camping spot. No booking accommodation at a motel or farmstay.
  • Trail angels are very welcome, but must give support to everyone who passes by. They can't be selective.
  • While a Spot tracker is optional, it is highly recommended that you use one. These are mandatory for other events, and you might as well get used to using one now. Besides, it's fun seeing where everyone is.

Note: Since the Classic Grind is designed to be an introduction to bikepacking, we won't disqualify you if you don't follow all these rules, but you won't have had the full Classic Grind experience.

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