The Geyserland Mega Grind

9 November 2018

The Geyser Mega! 800 km of bikepacking goodness starting and finishing in Rotorua, including as much singletrack, gravel road and quiet backcountry roads as we can muster.

For 2018 the standard 800km Western loop [Red] will run anti clockwise, we have also added an optional "additional" 650km Eastern loop, [Black] also anti clockwise. Both loops total 1450km and has 20,000M climbing.

Fast riders can choose to race it if they wish.

For this event, a few rules apply:

  • Do it all yourself.
  • No outside support.
  • Commercial services and re-supply only.
  • No staying in private homes.

There's no entry fee, no podium at the finish, and you must ride 100% of the course. [No short cutting the course if your rig or equipment is not up to the task.] Spot trackers set to 5 min pings will once again be mandatory, and you can hire a tracker if you don't own one. A public tracking page will be set up for the event.

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